In the sixth phase, the reputation of MPs Sanjay Seth, Dhullu Mahato, Chandraprakash Choudhary, Vidyut Baran Mahato is at stake

Ranchi: In the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections 2024, voting is to be held on four parliamentary seats of Jharkhand on May 25.  In this phase, voting will be held in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Giridih seats. These seats are held by BJP and NDA. Some changed political equations are visible in this Lok Sabha elections. There is a close contest on all four seats.

In the India alliance, Congress has fielded its candidates from Ranchi and Dhanbad, JMM from Jamshedpur and Giridih. There are six assembly constituencies in Jamshedpur Lok Sabha constituency. These include Jamshedpur (East), Jamshedpur (West), Ghatshila, Baharagora, Potka and Jugsalai. Among them, Ghatshila, Baharagora, Potka and Jugsalai are MLAs of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. There is an independent MLA from Jamshedpur (East) and a Congress MLA from Jamshedpur (West).

The main contest on this seat is between BJP and JMM. There are a total of 25 candidates in the fray in Jamshedpur. Apart from Santhal and Bhumij tribes, Kurmi voters prove to be decisive on this seat. One-sided polarization of Santhals and Muslims is being seen in favor of JMM. But fragmentation of Bhumij and to some extent Kurmi votes is also being seen. The silence of urban voters is troubling the BJP.

Giridih consists of six assembly seats of Giridih, Dhanbad and Bokaro districts. Out of these, JMM holds three seats in Giridih, Dumri and Tundi assembly. Whereas Congress is in control of Bermo, BJP is in control of Baghmara and AJSU is in control of Gomia assembly. 

A total of 16 candidates are trying their political luck on this seat. JMM candidate Mathura Mahato is a resident of Dhanbad, while AJSU candidate Chandraprakash Chaudhary is a resident of Ramgarh. There is tough competition between these two.

Head of Jharkhandi Bhasha Khatian Sangharsh Samiti and independent candidate Jairam Mahato is also Highlighted. Till now only Kurmi voters have been deciding victory and defeat in Kurmi dominated Giridih Lok Sabha seat. But this time, with three Kurmi candidates contesting, it is becoming difficult for any one candidate to get the outright votes of his caste.

In such a situation, the equations formed on the basis of mobilization and support of other ethnic groups are expected to be decisive. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see whose side the Brahmins and Bhumihars will take and this will decide victory or defeat. There are a total of six assembly constituencies in Ranchi Lok Sabha. In this, there are MLAs of JMM in Ichagarh, Congress in Khijri and AJSU in Silli. 

There are BJP MLAs in three assembly constituencies, Ranchi, Hatia and Kanke. 25 candidates are trying their luck in Ranchi Lok Sabha elections. The main contest is between BJP and Congress. Mobilization of Kurmi voters has been helping BJP win this seat. The youth candidate of Congress is getting the support of the youth. 

Apart from the urban voters, BJP and Congress are emphasizing on the Jugalbandi of Kurmi voters. Apart from this, there is a possibility of Congress winning Muslim and Christian votes completely. There are six assembly constituencies in Dhanbad Lok Sabha. In which there are BJP MLAs in Bokaro, Chandankiyari, Sindri, Nirsa, Dhanbad. Whereas Congress has control over Jharia assembly. External voters dominate this Lok Sabha.

The victory of the candidate in whose favour they vote is assured. People cutting across party lines are supporting the youth candidate of Congress. The BJP candidate is surrounded in controversies due to his criminal image. Even the party MLAs are not getting support. Amidst all this, the MASS candidates will also try to strengthen their support base among the Congress and BJP candidates.

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