Youth arrested with foreign liquor

Latehar : Police have seized a car laden with foreign liquor near Dharampur turn of Latehar city. Car JH 01 AB-4844 was caught by Latehar Police during checking. There are about 30 to 35 boxes of liquor of Old Monk and Jigar Company in the car. Army is written in the front mirror of the car. 

According to Sources, the liquor was brought from and where it was being taken has not been found yet. The car driver is being interrogated in this regard. The car carrying foreign liquor was going towards Daltenganj near Dharampur turn. Meanwhile, seeing the police stationed near Dharampur turn for vehicle checking operation, the car rider tried to run away at speed. But the car got stuck in a pit.

An attempt was made to free the car with the help of some local people. Meanwhile, the eyes of the local people went to the liquor box kept in the car. People became suspicious after seeing a huge quantity of liquor boxes. Meanwhile, the police PCR vehicle was passing by. Local people informed this to the policemen sitting in PCR.

The car driver opened the gate and started running away. But the police arrested him. With the help of local people, the car was taken out and taken to the police station. In this regard, several calls were made to the station in-charge to take his side's statement, but the call was not received by him.

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