No lesson learnt: Media again handles evidences before forensics

New Delhi (IANS) A day after the Delhi Police registered a case against AAP's Nehru Vihar councilor Tahir Hussain and also sealed his house in Chand Bagh area here, a team of forensics reached the site to collect evidence.

This was though only after 24 hours of media trespassing on the property that might cough up valuable information into the murder of IB official Ankit Sharma, who was alleged to have been last seen being dragged to the same house, before his body was recovered from a drain with multiple stab wounds.

In one day if not hundred, but a large number of media person were seen scavenging through manufactured petrol bombs, well textured concrete and stone pieces, catapult and acid pouches allegedly planned to be used in the riots in the Chand Bagh and Khajuri Khas area.

A number of media persons on Thursday managed to enter the house and in their hands while reporting

The handling of the evidences that still lie scattered in the four storey building of Hussain's house reminds of the infamous Arushi Talwar murder case in Uttar Pradesh's Noida, where the police and CBI were unable to get the clear evidence.

Number of media persons throughout Thursday had held the petrol bombs bottles, acid pouches, catapult in their hands to show them to their audience.

While the media reported from the house of Hussain, the police and para military force remained downstairs, having no idea of what media was doing upstairs.

The forensic team which entered Hussain's house on Friday afternoon went through all the rooms and the four floors to collect the evidence and also to take the finger prints available on the bottles of the cold drink which were used by the mob to throw the petrol bomb.

They also checked the basement which was used as a warehouse.

The forensic team also went inside the house adjacent to Hussain's, which also bore the burnt of the violence earlier this week.

In May 2008, few days short of her 14th birthday, Aarushi Talwar was found dead in her parent's home in Jalvayu Vihar, Noida. The main suspect Hemraj was missing. Hemraj's body was found the next day on the roof.

Meanwhile investigating the case, the Noida Police mishandled the investigation on several fronts--allowing media access to the crime scene before the evidence was collected. Noida Police also arrested Aarushi's father, Dr Rajesh Talwar, for the double murder. Later his wife was also arresred.

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were acquitted by the Supreme Court in 2018 for lack of evidence.

In this week's violence in northeast Delhi, 43 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured.

The three-kilometre stretch from the Bhajanpura to Karawal Nagar was littered with bricks, stones, shattered glasses, torched vehicles, and damaged houses on all sides. All telling the tale of suffering the residents had to undergo.

It all started with clashes on February 23 between pro- and anti-CAA activists, which turned violent only to become free-for-all riots to scorch the city, instilling fears among residents that may take some time to wane.

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