'Sinister campaign on social media to influence Judiciary'

New Delhi (IANS) Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday expressed concern over "sinister campaign" on the social media attempting to influence the judiciary, where some people expect through this tool, the judiciary could be eventually influenced.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the International Judicial Conference, Prasad said, "Sinister trend some people start campaigning on the social media on certain issue," adding this section through this campaign is trying to influence the judiciary, especially attempting to establish, what kind of judgement should be on sensitive issues.

Prasad reiterated this is a serious concern, as the judiciary is independent. "They campaign in social media... on what kind of judgement they expect", he added.

The law minister refrained from naming the protests or campaign against the Citizenship Amendment Act, especially the Shaheen Bagh, which has been going on for more than two months.

The law minister also said that the right to privacy is very important, and it must be protected. "But, terrorists and corrupts cannot claim right to privacy", said Prasad.

He emphasized that internet is one of the greatest innovation of human kind, and attempts to abuse it cannot be allowed.

"We have given constitutional right to privacy... We should not allow anybody to kill this innovation (internet).... terrorist should not be allowed to abuse internet", he added.

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