Amit Shah attacks Rahul Baba over questioning air strikes post Pulwama

Godda: BJP’s national president once again attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi and other leaders who are questioning the
air strike and claimed that earlier Pakistan use to return beheaded bodies of the jawans but now Abhinandan was released within 48 hours after landing in Pakistan. Addressing the party workers meet of the Santhal Pargana region at the railway grounds here he said that Rahul Baba and company are raising questions over the air strike but one should see the real condition of Pakistan to find out whether the people of their country were laughing or crying. 

“When Abhinandan landed in Pakistan that people of the country were worried as to what would happen earlier Pakistan use to return beheaded bodies of our soldiers but within 48 hours Abhinandan was returned back to India,” he said adding that what is security and diplomacy Narendra Modi has made the country and the nation understand them. He said that under the 10 years of the UPA rule anyone could have entered into the country and would have gone back easily after conducting the blast but after the surgical strike the country got to know how a reply can be given. He said that once again after Pulwama it has been shown to everyone.

He said that the entire world has come to notice that under Modi India cannot be taken lightly. Adding further he said that opposition in the name of ‘Gathbandhan’ was coming together in the polls of 2019 but who would be the leader of that alliance it should be told. He said that the opposition neither has policy nor leader and asked to know whether they could get the country its right honor or can they keep the nation safe or destroy the terrorists but all such questions can be answered by Modi. Mr. Shah said that if Modi would be given another opportunity in 2019 than in the next five years India would be among the top countries of the world. He said that Santhal Pargana was the land of the brave who first started the rebellion against the British rule.

Mr. Shah pointed only after majority governments were formed in Centre and Jharkhand people got to know what is development. Mr. Shah said that Rahul Gandhi in Ranchi had said that people should form the government of coalition in Jharkhand but for 10 years the people gave the opportunity to them but they should tell what they gave to the people of Jharkhand. The national president of the BJP said that for the first time the people of Jharkhand voted for a majority government due to which many changes are visible in the state and schemes worth several lakh crores have been started here. He said that with an investment of Rs 35,000 crore, a power plant is being set up in Godda and in other sectors.

Mr. Shah pointed that the UPA-2 had given Rs 55,253 crore to Jharkhand for development and on the other hand after Raghubar Das came into power in five years a sum of Rs three lakh twelve thousand and 80 crores was given to Jharkhand which is six times the amount given by the UPA. He said that all other demands of  Jharkhand were also fulfilled by the Modi Government. He said BJP government was dedicated to poor and the tribals as the budget for the tribals has also increased many times. He said that in every area of Jharkhand rapid development was taking place as Modi and Raghubar Government has added a new meaning to development. Earlier Mr. Shah along with Chief Minister Raghubar Das also laid the foundation stone for Deoghar-Madhupur gas pipeline project along with other schemes.

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