Youth from Giridih arrested in Malaysia for working on tourist Visa

Giridih: A youth hailing from Sriramdih under Suriya Police Station area of this district has landed up in jail in Malaysia after he was caught by the immigration authorities for working without a valid visa.

The youth Vikas Mahto was caught by the immigration authorities on October 29th while he was in the market and was put in the jail apart from Vikas other workers have also been arrested and have been forwarded to the jail.

Wife of Vikas said that since her husband was less educated therefore he did not know the difference between a working visa and tourist visa she said that he had gone to work in Malaysia in February.

Former Chief Minister and JMMs acting president Hemant Soren has asked the central government to intervene to ensure the release of Vikas Mahto.

He has requested external affairs minister Dr Jai Shankar to take immediate action in this case. He said that it in the name of a job Vikas was cheated and is now jailed in that country due to which his family was in shock.

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