Govt brought CAA to correct historical injustice: PM

New Delhi (IANS) The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, said that his government brought Citizenship Amendment Act to correct historical injustice and fulfil country's old promise to minorities living in neighbouring countries. "I am amazed how people can forget what Gandhiji promised to the minorities left in Pakistan and Bangladesh," Modi said while addressing the National Cadet Corps (NCC) rally at the Cariappa Parade ground in New Delhi.

Problem in Jammu and Kashmir persisted since Independence and some political parties kept issues alive and terrorism thrived for vote bank politics, said Modi, asserting that his government will ensure all such problems are resolved soon.

The Prime Minister also said that not only Jammu and Kashmir but other parts of country are also peaceful today. "For decades, aspirations of northeast were neglected. We initiated unprecedented plans for development of the northeast, with open mind, heart and started negotiations with all stakeholders. Bodo agreement is one such historic moment," he said.

"The NCC is a platform to strengthen the commitment of discipline, determination and devotion towards the country. It is directly connected to the development of the country," he said in his address.

He appreciated the young disciplined cadets and said that India needs such youngsters because some people with pessimistic and negative mindset have delayed the progress of the country. "The restlessness and commitment among the youngsters will take the country to another level of development," he said.

The Prime Minister said that since Independence, a few political parties kept ignoring the issues of Jammu and Kashmir and let terrorism thrive in the Valley. "Terrorism, Naxalism, secessionism and Corruption were kept alive for vote bank politics," said Modi pointing that the youngsters of today will not allow such things to happen.

Seeing their aspiration, the Prime Minister asserted that their government is ready to resolve the persisting problems of the country that have been ignored for last seven decades and made India a weak nation.

"Three families in Jammu and Kashmir and a few political parties ignored the problems there. What happened? Lakhs of people and security personnel died. Lakhs of people were forcibly thrown out of their house in one night. Should we allow similar things in Kashmir?," Prime Minister asked the NCC cadets and thereafter roared, "No".

He said one fails to understand why Article 370 which was a temporary clause was not removed. "Was its because of vote bank politics"," he again asked the question replying that his government decided no Indian flag would be burnt in the Valley and removed Article 370.

We know that the neighbouring country has lost wars with us thrice. Our military takes less than 10 days to do so. Thereafter, they started proxy war. "In this war, thousands of people and soldiers were martyred," he said, claiming that the previous governments ignored the issue citing it as merely law and order issue.

"When our military asked for permission to take action, they were denied. Today we carried out surgical strike and aerial attacks," he said.

The Prime Minister said that his government has also resolved issues of militancy in the northeast region by bringing together all the stakeholders after hearing them out. "They had stopped believing in democracy after being ignored by the governments. They went for arms revolution, said the prime minister adding that his government decided to talk with them and as a result Bodo agreement was signed.

He also pointed out that for three decades India did not procure a fighter plane for its military. It was his government which brought next generation fighter aircraft Rafael. He also said that Indian soldiers were denied bullet proof jackets and it was his government which made India a manufacturing hub for bullet proof jackets. He also asked why earlier governments denied one rank one pension of retired veterans for four decades.

For years, there was discussion to appoint a Chief of Defence Staff in order to bring more synergy among the three armed forces. "Files moved from one table to another but no one was bothered to take a decision," said the prime minister adding that it was his government which took this momentous decision.

Prime Minister also talked about resolving boundary issues with Bangladesh. He said that his government brought the CAA because they have not forgotten what promises were made during partition to the minorities of Pakistan and Bangladesh. "Pakistan Army issued an advertisement. They wanted Dalits for sanitation. Most of the people who fled from Pakistan after being persecuted are Dalits," said Prime Minister.

"When government brought citizenship amendment Act, the same set of political parties are busy in vote bank politics. Is Pakistan not aware of it?," he asked.

He also talked about abolishing Triple Talaq from India and giving more power to Muslim women and also regularising unauthorised colonies in Delhi.

The Prime Minister stressed that he will bravely face criticism and abuses by those political parties which are propagating false narrative. "Will face it bravely and strongly but ensure that coming generations should do not face challenges because of decade old disputes," said the prime minster adding that youngsters of India will take the country to a new height.

"Idea of young India is to advance by taking everyone along, develop everyone and gain trust of all, he added.

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