JMM remained busy in its own development did not worry about martyrs: Raghubar

Chaibasa/Chakardharpur: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that despite Guruji becoming the Chief Minister of the state on three occasions and his son occupying the chair himself and also served as a deputy Chief Minister both of them did not worry for the development of Kolhan but ensured their own progress.

Addressing a series of public meetings as part of his Johar Jan Aashirwad Yatra in the Kolhan division he said that the leaders of the JMM sold the mineral wealth of the area in other states and also abroad as they wanted to grow rich by selling off the mineral wealth of the area.

He said that whenever JMM has got power it has remained busy in minting money and even did not spare the Balu Ghats of the state. Continuing his attack on the Soren family he said that by violating the law the went on to become Zamindars and on the other hand scare the people that BJP will take away their lands and assured the people that as long as he was in power their land will not be taken away.

He said that JMM and its leaders are also not bothered about protecting the tribal culture. He said that JMM went on to do politics in the name of revolutionaries but after coming to power always forgets them.

He said that it was the BJP government which after coming to power ensured that the revolutionaries got their due recognition.

He urged the people to vote for the BJP as the development will automatically reach to them and asked the voters to make Kolhan JMM Mukt.

Mr Das also thanked the youth who in large number left the JMM and joined the BJP. On the demand of the youth regarding the construction of Goikelkera-Gudri road he said that soon the road would be constructed.

He said that for 14 years due to political instability development could not reach the people but his government has tried to ensure that basic amenities of life reach the people.

Launching his attack on the Congress and the JMM in Chakardharpur he said that it were the MPs of the JMM who had sold the honour of the state while the Congress party had purchased it.

He said that in the year 1993 itself the state of Jharkhand could have been formed but their intentions were not correct. He said that the friendship of both the parties goes back long as both of them just want to loot the state.

Mr Das said that leaders of the JMM who did politics in the name of the poor went on to become richer themselves and the tribals were left in the hands of God.

He said that it was the NDA government of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee which fulfilled the promise to create a separate state of Jharkhand as the part was of the view that when the state will be small than development will easily reach to the last person in the society and promised to the people that in hilly terrain of Kolhan were blocks are located far away if BJP comes back into power than in 2020 February Chakardharpur would be made a separate district.

The Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Modi does not come from family politics and from a tea seller he has gone on to reach the top post in the country and when a poor himself goes on to become the Prime Minister he ensures that schemes are framed for the poor, corruption and ill governance is wiped out from the country.

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