No ‘Palm’ can take away the land, forest and rights of tribals: Modi

Lohardaga: Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again launched a scathing attack on the Congress party and said that whenever the Congress is in power the confidence of the Maoists and the terrorists get a boost up. Addressing an election rally in Lohardaga he said that in Congress the party thinks of only one family and is dedicated to them while the others are just there vote banks. He said that according to the Congress party, there is no other jewels in India and it never thought about Bhagwan Birsa, Munda Bhimrao Ambedkar or Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. In the Congress party every decision is taken in the interest of Namdaar family and is never worried for the welfare of others. Mr Modi said that even the tribals were used as just vote bank by the Congress during whose tenure attacks also took place on the traditions and culture of the tribals. “ I want to assure you that no Palm (Congress Symbol) can take the land, forest and rights of tribals,” he said that many steps have been taken to protect their rights. Under the Congress party, the tribals did not have right over their minerals as it belonged to the industrialists and said that the Congress party gave the bauxite mines to the mafia.

He said that the tribals gave their land and forest and in return got nothing however under the present regime the money received from mining is being used for the development of tribals and under district mining funds in a small state like Jharkhand alone for the development of tribal areas Rs 4000 crore was given which earlier went to the industrialists. Mr Modi said that the Congress party wants to keep the poor poorer and use them for their vote bank. He also pointed that  after the Congress party formed government in Chhattisgarh it stopped the Ayushman Bharat Yojana while in Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan the PM Kissan Yojana was not being effectively implemented and He said that before 2014 similar situation was present in India where Pakistan sponsored terrorists used to come and execute attacks and the Congress government in power just used to cry over the issue but things have changed and the terrorists are being taught a lesson in the language which they understand. He said that the terrorists know that if they make a single mistake then they would be traced out from their deepest dungeons. 

The Prime Minister in his address said that every Indian no matter in which part of the world they are if they are in trouble than the government will take care of them. He said that no matter whether a person goes to a temple church mosque or Gurudwara the government would do anything for them without any discrimination. The Prime Minister pointed out how 46 nurses were rescued from Iraq by India similarly father Alexis Prem and Father Tom who were caught by the terrorists in Afghanistan were rescued and handed back to their family members. Mr Modi also pointed to the example of how sister Junith Dsouza who hailed from West Bengal and was working in a church in Afganistan and was caught by the terrorists but was rescued by the government and handed over to the family in Kolkata. 

The Prime Minister cornered the Congress and its allies for raising questions on the brave soldiers who taught a lesson to the terrorists and said that the party has no respect for the families who have sent their sons and daughters in the army and other paramilitary forces. He also used the occasion to mock Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy who had said that only those youth go to the army who do not get two times of meal. People with such thoughts should drown and asked the people as to whether the tribals send their children to the army for getting food and said that do the martyrs who lost their lives in Pulwama had gone just to earn their food. He said that the Congress party should not defame the army as these brave sons not only defend the nation but also take bullets on their chest and added that the Congress attitude has always caused loss to the nation.

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