Raghubar attacks Rahul Gandhi & Hemant Soren over poverty

Gumla: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das attacked the leaders of Mahagathbandhan in the state claiming that since Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and JMM’s Hemant Soren were born with a silver spoon, therefore, they have no feelings towards the poor and their sufferings.

Addressing a public gathering in this district he said that these were the same people who looted the sand of the state, sold the coal and ate away the fodder of the animals and claim to be champion of the Adivasis and moolvasis of the state but tend to fall backwards when the issue of providing rights to such communities comes before them.

He said that the BJP does not indulges in such types of discrimination and these people have joined hands to remove Narendra Modi as he does not makes compromise with corruption and also knows what poverty is all about. He said that in the elections of 2014 the people had voted to end the dynasty politics and this time also they should do the same.

Attacking the JMM he said that the party which claims to be dedicated for the tribals of the state has done nothing but just mislead them over the years while on the other hand, BJP made a tribal hailing from Gumla as the Rajya Sabha MP. He said that the Soren family and other anti-national forces have looted the land most in the state and has violated the provisions of the CNT/SPT Acts and has also continued with the tradition of dynasty politics where only family members get the important positions.

He said that since the Independence the Congress party has been in power in the country and in its rule gave the slogan of ‘garibi hatao’ and in the polls of 2019 also it has come up with the same slogan which shows that the party could do nothing in the 55 years of its rule to solve the problems of poverty.

The Chief Minister urged the people to come out of their homes and vote in large numbers as to avail this right the brave men of the state were martyred and said that while casting their votes they should keep the national interest at the top and asked them to vote for a strong, honest and stable government.

Mr Das once again said that forceful religious conversions are not allowed in the state and said that present government has brought the anti-conversion bill and asked the people to vote for the BJP to give their authority over the bill. He also dwelt on the various schemes and programmes which have been launched by the central and the state government for their welfare.

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