Earlier governments have used youth power for just carrying the flags: Raghubar

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das accused the previous governments of the country and in the state of just using the youth power to carry the flags and said that it was the present BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Centre which
has for the first time thought about the well being of the youth and formed a separate ministry for their skill development. 

Addressing the Global Skill Summit organised at the Khelgaon here during which appointment letters were given to 1.06 lakh youth on a single day in the private sector he said that Jharkhand has written a history in the world for which the youth, industry and officials of Team Jharkhand needed to be congratulated. He asked the youth not to bet bogged down by the bad days and should not lose their strength. The Chief Minister pointed his own example as he worked as non permanent employee of the Tata Steel as he was just B Sc and by the time he got enrolled himself in a skill development course he had entered into the political arena and through continuous struggle he has risen from a worker to become the ‘mukhya-sevak’ of the state.

Mr Das said that no work was big or small and the mantra of ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi’ given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi can only be realized when all hands get work. He said that recently 1000 youth of the state had jot jobs in Arvind Mills where they were getting a salary of Rs 12,500 per month and even the employers are appreciative of the honesty and hard work which is put by the workers of the state in their jobs and hoped that whenever the youth who have got jobs today go will make the state and the nation proud.

Mr Das pointed that even the leading economist is of the view that Jharkhand which has been blessed with natural and mineral wealth and has trained manpower should stand among the developed nations of the world and the state government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was working to achieve the same target. Adding further the Chief Minister said skill development programmes of the central and the state government is helping the youth get jobs or become self-employed. He said that the strength of the nation lay in its young human resource which needed to be trained and skilled further as there was no biggest asset than a skilled hand.

He asked the people and the youth present in the gathering to think and answer as to whether any previous the government in the last 67 years of Independence barring Prime Minister Narendra Modi or any other state government in the previous 14 years worried about job creation and well being of the youth. He said that youth of the state were being forced to migrate for jobs worth Rs 8000 to Rs 9000 but by providing skills the problem can be solved to a certain extent.

Mr Das said that many countries of the world including Japan and UK have a sizeable chunk of old age population while on the other hand in India the 65 per cent population was young which was a great advantage. He said that there are numerous opportunities for the skilled youth not only in the country but across the globe and assured that the government was committed to enhancing the skill of the youth who live even in far-flung villages of the state. 

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