68.2% willing to junk Chinese mobiles, TVs, electronic goods

New Delhi (IANS) In the backdrop of the India-China dispute, 68.2 per cent people said that as a mark of protest, they will stop buying Chinese products, including mobile phones, TVs and electronic goods, according to the latest IANS CVoter Snap Poll.

According to the survey, 68.2 per cent people said they will boycott Chinese products, while 31.8 per cent said nothing of this sort is going to happen, and it will be business as usual where people will continue to buy Chinese products.

In the age-group category, the survey found that people across all ages agreed that they will boycott Chinese products -- 75 per cent in the middle age group ( 45-60), 66 per cent in the 25-45 years age group), 79 per cent elderly ( 60 and above), and 60.9 per cent freshers (below 25).

The anti-China sentiment is also apparent in all the categories of the education group -- 70 per cent in the lower education group, 65 per cent in the middle education group and 64.6 per cent in the higher education group.

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In the income group category, the anti-China sentiment is more prevalent and consistent across various sections -- 68 per cent in the lower, middle and higher income groups.

In the social group category, the survey found that 93.9 per cent of Christians were willing to boycott Chinese products, followed by 80.7 per cent of Scheduled Tribes, 73.8 per cent of Other Backward Classes, 70 per cent Scheduled Castes and 74.9 per cent upper caste Hindus. The anti-China sentiment is very high in majority of the categories, except Muslims (35.1 per cent) and Sikhs (44 per cent).

The query was also put to people who casted votes in the last general elections, with 58.2 per cent Opposition voters supporting the boycott Chinese products call. As many as 72.8 per cent of NDA voters too said that they were willing to boycott Chinese products.

In the gender category -- 74 per cent males agreed to boycott Chinese products while 61.7 per cent expressed similar sentiments.

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