Whoever loots the poor to go to jail, this is Modi's guarantee - Samrat Chaudhary

Giridih:  Bihar BJP President and Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Chaudhary, BJP State President and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi participated in the nomination of NDA candidate Chandra Prakash Chaudhary from Giridih Lok Sabha on Monday.

On this occasion, he also addressed a public meeting organized at Jainamod High School grounds in Bokaro. A large number of people were present on this occasion. Bihar BJP State President and Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Chaudhary said that when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, people had not thought that so much development would happen. So many dreams will come true. Today India's voice is ringing in the world. Earlier India was known as the fourth world.

The Prime Minister of the country defeated the British and worked to bring the country's economy from 12th to 5th position. Has given India the dream of Make in India. Now we are not making a golden bird, but a golden lion. It is making the world roar. No one had thought that a Prime Minister would talk about toilets. Will talk about permanent houses for the poor.

The Prime Minister has done the work of providing permanent houses to 4 crore 35 lakh people. Started Jal Jal Yojana and worked to provide water to people's homes. Worked to provide toilets to the people. Worked on providing gas connection to the house. After this everyone is giving free grains to the poor. Now Modi ji wants to provide solar electricity to every home. Will work to provide free electricity to the poor.

When Dr. Manmohan Singh was in power in the country, he could not run without Sonia Gandhi's switch. When Sonia Gandhi spoke, the Prime Minister of the country spoke. Today the whole world listens to Prime Minister Modi.

Children of Bihar and Jharkhand were caught in the fight between Russia and Ukraine. Due to the efforts of Prime Minister Modi, the children were able to return safely from there. The Prime Minister has made it clear that he will do welfare for the poor and will not spare the corrupt people of the country. The corrupt are in jail, this is Modi's guarantee. Whoever robs the poor will go to jail. Lalu Prasad Yadav had taken the bait in Jharkhand, today Soren and Lalu family are together.

When elections come, these people will say that the Constitution is in danger. Reservation is in danger. Once the elections are over, it all ends. On one hand, Lalu Yadav worked to field his entire family in the elections, on the other hand, Shibu Soren worked to field his entire family. This is a reservation for them. There are no other people in his life, only his family members. Your own family has to become the leader, not anyone else.

Crores are being received even from the servant's house and ask what the fault of Hemant Soren is: Babulal Marandi State President and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi said that this time we will send 13 lotus flowers from Jharkhand and his There will also be a fruit along with it. Banana will also be there. Make NDA alliance leader and AJSU candidate Chandra Prakash Chaudhary from Giridih victorious with record votes by pressing the button on the banana print, so that Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister again.

He said that after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, he worked for the poor in the last 10 years. Worked for farmers. Worked for women. Worked for labourer. Worried about the homes of the poor. Gas connections were provided to their homes. To ensure that the poor do not remain hungry, they are also providing 5 kg of food grains free of cost every month. Earlier, when the poor fell ill, they could not afford treatment. Used to remain lying in the house like this.

Prime Minister Modi also started the Ayushman Yojana of Rs 5 lakh for these poor people, so that they can get treatment in the best hospitals. He said that those who worry about the poor, worry about the villages, worry about medicines. A person who cares about the village should be made the Prime Minister of the country. Marandi said that the people whose government is running in Jharkhand today have all been against Jharkhand. Have been against development.

He is also against the people of Jharkhand. The people of Jharkhand had been demanding a separate state for years. The Congress party ruled the country for 55 years, but never took care of the sentiments of the people here.

When BJP-NDA government was formed in the country and Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister, then Jharkhand became a separate state. A separate state was not formed because of Congress and Jharkhand Mukti  Morcha. Marandi said that he is against Jharkhand and also against development. Before the formation of Jharkhand, there was a Congress government in the state for years.

At that time there was a lot of difficulty in commuting to the village. There were no roads. There was no electricity. There was a fight for kerosene. When BJP government was formed in the country and the state, roads reached the villages. Bridges and culverts were built across the rivers. Electricity also reached homes.

It is another matter that even today some people in Bihar and Jharkhand roam around with lanterns. Ever since the Indi coalition government was formed in Jharkhand, there has been looting everywhere. These people looted coal, looted sand, looted mountain stones. Didn't even spare the land. Made fake papers and sold them. Also worked on selling army land. Today JMM and Congress leaders say what the fault of Hemant Soren is. 

In this land of Jharkhand, everyone saw that Rs 350 crore was found in the house of a Congress leader of Jharkhand. Earlier, Rs 22 crore cash was found at the officer's hideout in Jharkhand. Today itself, Rs 30 crore has been found from the house of the servant of the personal secretary of a Congress party leader. If so much money has been found from the servant's house, then how much money will be there in the ministers' house? How much money will be there in the house of his personal secretaries?

Even after this people say what the fault of Hemant Soren is. These people have looted Jharkhand and dumped the money not only in their own houses but also in the houses of their servants. Rahul Gandhi should tell from where his minister's PS servant got so much money. Chief Minister Champai Soren should dismiss Alamgir Alam from the cabinet. Marandi said that in Jharkhand, money is also being sent through PCR of police for elections.

If caught, the government officer doing this will not be spared. The Indi coalition government is misusing the government machinery. AJSU party chief Sudesh Kumar Mahato said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it has been resolved to win 14 out of 14 seats from Jharkhand. NDA constituents are working together in this direction. Discharging their responsibilities. This time there is widespread enthusiasm among the public about NDA.

Right now Alam ji's condition is visible in Jharkhand. He said that the NDA alliance is dedicated to the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in front of the public as the greatest servant of the country. The public has seen his leadership. Our resolution is clear. We want to make India the best country in the world by 2047. Are asking for votes from the public for this message. What does the Indi Coalition want to seek votes for? There is punishment from the coalition leaders, but their policy and resolve are not the same.

They don't have a single manifesto. NDA alliance does not do politics. Especially does not do politics of appeasement. In the last 55 years, some parties only created their vote bank. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha is preparing to keep a section away from development for the sake of appeasement politics. Jharkhand was formed as a separate state with the blessings of Bharatiya Janata Party leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Don't let Jharkhand become a toy in the hands of Indi alliance. Try again to bring the NDA alliance to power in the state. The script of December has to be written in the shadow of this election.

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