People staying awake at night to take on elephant menace

Ranchi: In the villages which are located in the forest areas of adjoining Ranchi and Khunti districts the villagers have been forced to remain awake throughout the night fearing the elephants. People in Lapung, Sonahatu, Rahe, Tamar, Karra Police Station areas are staying awake in groups all night long to protect themselves and their farms against the elephants.

Earlier on June 1 a elephant had killed four people after which panic has spread among the villagers. Even on slightest of rumours of elephant coming the people in large number are going into forest to search for the tusker. The rumours has also added headache to the forest officials who are spending their time urging the people not to fall prey for rumours. 

On the other hand Bedo Ranger Ramaashish Singh who was camping in bordering areas of Khunti was asked by the DFO to take all possible measures to scare away the animal. It has been directed that experts and labourers who have been called to scare the animals should start their work in the evening itself. The forest department has also distributed kerosene oil, fire crackers and torch lights among the people to drive away the animals.

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