Corrupt JMM has cheated the Santhal tribe: Raghubar

Sahebganj: Chief Minister Raghubar Das has alleged that while on one hand, the people of Santhal Pargana gave honour to Shibu Soren by calling him Guruji, on the other hand, the JMM just remained busy in filling its ballot boxes for the last 40 years.

Addressing a series of election meetings he said that the party should tell as to what reasons the villages and people of Santhal Pargana remained away from development and said that whether their Barhet MLA had done any development in the area but instead has just violated the provisions of the CNT/SPT Acts.

He said that for 10 years the government of the JMM and the Congress remained at centre during which they remained busy in scams.
He said that the BJP does not indulge in politics of division and the Modi government has given benefits of all the schemes to people of all the society. He said that on the other hand his government gave the status of state event to Luguburu Mela and Maghi Poornima Mela while the Ol Chiki language was implemented from classes 1-5. Mr Das said that why not those who claim to be the champion of the tribals implemented these things during their tenure as they did not want the tribals to become aware. He said that the present government wants to create awareness among the people so that they can become aware of their rights.

He said that the leaders of JMM do not want that the tribal children become educated as their shops will than close down.
He said that opposition is making baseless claims as to if the BJP will come to power than their land will be taken away but in the last 4.5 years no such thing has come up in the state. Mr Das said that the people of Santhal Pargana have deliberately did not allow development to reach Santhal Pargana and said that the works which have been done in the last 4.5 years were never done earlier despite their leader himself being the Chief Minister.

He said that the Soren family which hails from Nemra of Gola district violated the CNT/SPT acts and violated the land provisions and in a day did 6 registry and purchased land worth Rs 500 crore while they were in power.

He said that JMM which has itself snatched the land was accusing the BJP of doing it.

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