‘Chowkidaar’ stole Rs 30,000 crore from Indian Air Force and gave it to Ambani: Rahul Gandhi

Ranchi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today once again raised the issue of Rafael Deal to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that it is the Indian Air Force which protects the nation but the ‘Chowkidaar’ stole Rs 30,000 crore from the same air force and gave it to Ambani. 

Addressing his first public rally in the state capital after taking over the reins of the Congress party Mr Gandhi also made the people raise the slogan of ‘Chowkidaar chor hai’. He said that where ever he goes and as soon as he says the word ‘Chowkidaar the people immediately say ‘Chor hai’. He said that now even he has now started feeling bad for the slogan as one ‘chowkidaar’ was bringing bad name for all the other chowkidaars of the country who are doing their work honestly, therefore, he had 
come up with a new slogan of ‘Desh Ka Chowkidaar Chor Hai’.

 “All of you know that when I say Chowkidaar Chor hai it means that I am talking about Narendra Modi,” he said adding that it is the airforce which protects the nation and from the same air force the Chowkidaar stole Rs 30,000 crore and gave it to Ambani. “From the pilot of the airforce, the Chowkidaar stole Rs 30,000 and gave it in the pockets of Ambani. 

Mr. Gandhi said that the land acquisition act which was brought by the Congress party it has been clearly stated that land can be only acquired after the consent of 80 percent of the farmers and social impact study has to be also made in lieu off the land acquired
and the compensation would be four times more than the market rate. The Congress president said that the first thing Prime Minister
Narendra Modi did after coming to power was to cancel the land acquisition bill and the tribal bill against which the Congress party
fought in the Parliament as a land of the people can not be allowed to go in the hands of 15-20 corporates.

“On three occasions  Narendra Modi tried to bring changes in the land acquisition bill and on three occasions the Congress party stopped him after which he asked the state governments to change the bill in their own states,” he said. Mr. Gandhi also asked the people to tell how many of them have got jobs in Jharkhand or whether new industries have been set up here but instead, their land has been looted and they have been left with only lies.

He said that the Congress party was not alone in Jharkhand as the entire opposition comprising the JMM and JVM(P) was together with the Congress and they would jointly ensure the defeat of the BJP. “We will win all the 14 Lok Sabha seats in Jharkhand and after six months BJP will also get defeated in the assembly polls,” he said adding that the next government in Jharkhand would work for wthe elfare of the people and job creation. 

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