Louis accuses government hurdles in relief works of main opposition party

Dumka: Senior BJP leader and former cabinet minister Louis Marandi has accused the state government of creating unnecessary hurdles in the relief works being carried out by the main opposition party of the state amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Dr Marandi he said that the state government was also deliberately ignoring the sub-capital of Dumka. She said that in the time of the pandemic by stopping the relief works of the main opposition party the government has set aside all human values.

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DGP MV RAO से Reporter Post की खास बातचीत, नकस्लियों के लिए डीजीपी ने कह दी बड़ी बात

She said that while across the country the different state government are fighting with a proper strategy against Coronavirus, on the other hand, the Hemant government till date has not come out of any concrete plan to tackle the pandemic.

She said that from the twitter account of the Chief Minister a photograph was tweeted showing the food being served to the people in quarantine while on the other hand the reality behind Didi Kitchens and Community Kitchens have been exposed by his own cabinet colleague.

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